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One Gospel. One Church.

In 2014, Pray Chicago began united prayer gatherings, bringing together leaders from congregations around the city to pray together. In 2017, congregations in Bridgeport and McKinley Park began to gather to pray, seeking to specifically bless these neighborhoods and one another. God's people across many congregations are one church, with one gospel- the good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

One Gospel. One Church.

Prayer Gatherings

Prayer and Connection

Congregations in Bridgeport and McKinley Park gather together to pray for our neighborhoods, for our city, and for one another. We believe God moves in response to our prayers and we long to see God move to bring transformation in our neighborhoods and in our lives.

We also take these opportunities to form relationships across congregations, so that we can know our sisters and brothers in the Body of Christ.

Next Gathering: June 19th

Church-led Repentance Walk

Repenting on behalf of our community for racial discrimination, injustice, and violence

Praying for a future of peace, justice, and welcome for all


Beginning to gather at 5:30 at Donovan Park

Walking at 6 from Donovan to McGuane Park along Halsted

Short program about 6:45 at McGuane Park


If unable to join for the walk, join at McGuane Park as early as 6 for prayer for our city and nation and those walking will join you there by 6:45.


Please bring signs that say "We repent for..." that express the sins (personal, neighborhood, systems) we reject and ask mercy for.

Please bring signs that say  "We hope for..." that express God's righteous desires for the future of the community.

Please make repentance and hope signs distinct (not 2 sided or back to back).  This distinction is for a visual prayer in McGuane Park.


Participants: Cornerstone Anglican Church, First Lutheran Church of the Trinity, Glorious Light Church, New Life Community Church, Park Community Church, Pui Tak Center, St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church, Urban Voice Community Church (and others being added)

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